Already a Driver driver training

If you have:
  • Moved to British Columbia from another province or country
  • Received a notice from ICBC for re-examination
  • Not driven for some time and simply wish to refine your skills
Then your training will vary based on your current circumstance. As each driver has a different experience level, your instructor will be able to assess, typically within the first lesson, what knowledge or skills you may need to develop.

After your first lesson, you are welcome to mutually discuss with your instructor the number of lessons you may require. Your instructor will make his/her best judgment and suggestion to you.

If you have held a valid license from a foreign country for 2 years or more, then you may take your knowledge test and upon receiving your learners permit, may proceed to take your class 5 road test without a waiting period.

Feel free to contact us for a preliminary discussion for your needs at any time.